Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Post-Game Report

Okay, we have had a time out and it looks like we're going into overtime. (Brad is certainly shaking his head reading this thinking I'm not the best person to be using sports analogies.)

We waited all day for the call. It never came. As the hours ticked by, so did any hope of getting our certifications today. Our attorney e-mailed that they might be ready in the afternoon. We were hoping that we could meet with Renap before they closed. No such luck.

At last report, the certifications are done but not signed. My attorney will be going in the morning to see if he can get them signed.

Here's what complicates things. When I called home Monday night, my three at home were in tears begging me to come home. I'm so torn because if I'm gone even one day here, it could be the day that I'm needed to meet with Renap. But I booked a ticket to return home tomorrow thinking I would be able to meet with Renap today. Brad will be flying down on Sunday to carry on where I have left off. My friend Angela will be watching Daniel in the interim.

So now I'm wondering if I should delay my return home till Friday. But my attorney says there is no guarantee that I'll even get the signatures tomorrow or even Friday. I could extend my stay and it be for nothing. Right now Brad and I will have only two days this Christmas season together at home. We need this time. Our kids at home need this time. So for now I'm planning to return tomorrow night.

The strategy for tomorrow is for my attorney to go to our family court and see if he can get the certifications signed. If he can get them by 9:00 a.m., Daniel and I will meet the paralegal at Renap where we will have about an hour to plead with them for the birth certificate until I will have to make a 1 1/2 hour drive back to Guatemala City to catch my flight. Never a dull moment.

Please keep the prayers coming. The game isn't over yet. We've had a time out and now we are replacing key players (me and Brad) on the field/court (hey, you can fill in the appropriate sports terms).

Thanks for your love and prayers.

Needing Medication,

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