Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We're Going to Disney World!

Well the happiest people on earth are heading to the Happiest Place on Earth.

I'll try to post pics of our trip.

With Mickey Ears On,


More than a Mom said...

It has only been a few days that I've been following your blog, and I am so grateful that you share your life. You are inspiring in your faith and love of others. Have a great trip to Disney.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun!

I've been wanting to go since I was 8, but for one reason or another it just hasn't happened yet...

Looking forward to seeing the pics :)

Have a blast!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Have fun, fun, fun!!! We're going next month.

G-Zell said...

have a fantastic time.. I am so jealous. LOVE that place!

Happy new Year!

sierrasmom said...

Hi all!!! We received Disney as a Christmas gift this year from my brother in law and sister in law. We are not going until Dec. 2010. Can't wait to see your pics. Have fun!!!!!!!
Kathie in NY

Tammy said...

Just stopping by your blog to say hi...Have a great time in Disney World (it's my favorite place to go)...only been twice but I love it there. Have fun and can't wait to read your blog from top to bottom.

Shop with Me Mama said...

Woohoo!!! Good for you guys!! Have fun!

More than a Mom said...

I've given you a blog award on my blog. Please come by and check it out.



Tiffany said...

How sweet! Have fun!

savingsisters said...

OMG, I am loving your site and have linked to it. I am very inspired by your love and determination for this child. I will be continuing to read your blog and hope that you guys have a good time in disney world. Larisa @ www.thesavingsisters.com

TINA I. B. EDGAL said...

Congratulations ! God does answer prayers.
I wish you and your family a happy and glorious 2010.