Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black Friday, Saturday, Sunday . . .

First, thanks to all of you for your encouraging comments here, via e-mail and on Facebook. I cherish each real live friend, each bloggy friend, and even you gender-neutral silhouette follower folks. It's your prayers and encouragement that keep me from going crazy.

Sorry I did not get a chance to update yesterday. I have much to share but we've been doing the chicken/no head routine for the past couple of days. When we got in last night I was going to update but the boys wanted to watch a Christmas movie on my laptop. (No DVD player in the hotel room.) And being in one room together, I have to go to bed when they do because the light from the computer screen keeps them awake.

Picking up where I left off. . . I'm happy to report that I now have minutes on my cell phone (in Guat. the phones are a pay as you go kind of deal), the boys have clean underpants, and I've gotten two good nights of sleep. Life is good.

And better news. . . they have assigned a temporary family court judge (huge answer to prayer) and we were able to get one of our critical documents we needed(another biggie). But we are far from out of the woods. We really need to get in and out of Renap (they issue the new birth certificate) next week to avoid encountering problems because our court is about to go on vacation. We're still waiting on certifications, but are hopeful they will be done next week. This is going to be a nail-biter (and I'm already down to my knuckles).

Monday afternoon we got Daniel's HIV test. He is my son right down to the fear of needles. I had hoped that this would entail to fingerprick, but, no, this was a full vial from the arm needed. We (me and the nurses) had to lasso him like a calf at a rodeo. Then I held him in my lap with my arms like the straps on an electric chair. This was not one of my favorite mommy moments of this adoption. I did the whole "I wish I could do this for you" speech (and truly meant it), but he just gave me that "how could you" look. They gave him a lollipop as a reward but he never ate it. It would be admitting that he was okay with the injustice. Daniel cried and moaned for another 20 minutes - his wails echoed throughout the mall that contained the medical lab. Just one more reason for people to stare at this woman the color of Desitin diaper cream with her beautifully pigmented son. Good times.

We were also able to take Alex to the doctor and we got him an antibiotic. (He's slowly feeling better.) But first we had to go to three pharmacies to find his prescription. I will never again complain about having a pharmacy on every corner at home. We just do not appreciate how easy life is or how blessed we are until we go to another country.

Yesterday the boys and I went to Hiper Piaz (Wal-mart in Guatemala) then to their former orphanage to say good-bye. Bittersweet. I'll share more about that later. Today I picked up the HIV test results and gathered papers to be translated for the USE.

When I left for Guatemala it was "Black Friday" in the states-the day that retailers hope Christmas shoppers will put their numbers in the black. Well, I'm here Christmas shopping for one very special item. If only there had been a "30 percent off wait for certifications" or a "free with every passport Visa" deal in the newspaper.

The only thing our family wants for Christmas is to have Daniel home and the only thing Daniel wants for Christmas is to be home. So each day I try to put our documents in the black. Please keep praying that each day brings us closer to coming home.

More than lots,


Jessica said...

I'm fairly new to your blog, and I'm in tears everytime I read. You are such a great person for what you are doing for your son. If only every child in the orphanage had a mommy like you. Praying you make it home in time for Christmas.

diddy said...

Kathie, you never cease to amaze me. God has given you such patience and a sweet spirit. We are praying for your return and Daniel's homecoming. So glad they replaced the judge.
You need to teach the boys and sing to your self, "My God is so BIG, so strong and so mighty. There's nothing my God cannot do."
Brady had lots of fun at the party tonight. I am so glad that he and Jonah love hanging out.
Can't wait to see you at the airport.

Tracy said...

Every day you are closer to coming home, my friend!! Praying for you all!! :0)