Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whatcha Reading Wednesday: Happy Homecomings

Okay. I have come to accept the fact that I'm just not going to have much to report on a daily basis. Truly our lives just aren't that interesting. But . . . I have met some amazing bloggy friends who do have interesting lives. So, from now on each Wednesday instead of sharing about my latest trip to the grocery store or an analogy gleaned from a Q-Tip, I'm going to introduce you to some special folks doing amazing things. Some I've met because they have left a comment or become a follower and I have hopped over to say howdy. Some have challenged me, some inspired me, some have made me laugh, some have made me cry.

Yes, I've been known to cry onto my keyboard. Really, there's not a speck of dust on it--clean as a whistle from F1 through F12 right down to the space bar, simply from wiping the tears off.

Nothing opens the floodgates for me like an adoption homecoming. I think that perhaps the closest thing we will witness on earth to a heavenly reunion is the welcoming home of an adopted child.

My poor keyboard experienced rainy season the past few weeks. It started with Kristin and the Ferguson family at Seeing the Up Side of Down adopting their two and a half year old Down Syndrome daughter Nadia from the Ukraine. Such a precious family with an amazing story of how they chose her, why God called them to adopt, and the transformation Nadia is experiencing now that she's home. Just read a few posts and you'll wish they lived next door.

The tears continued to flow with Christine and the Reed family from Smiles and Trials. They added their 13th and 14th children (that is not a typo) with the adoption of brother and sister siblings also from the Ukraine. The details of that journey are at Oh Yes We Are. I appreciate how Christine shares not just the things that make them smile, but the trials as well. Such a beautiful story of older child adoption--their love just seems to grow with the addition of each child.

And the tears just kept a comin' with the journey shared by Kat on Momentum. They just brought home twin babies from Ethiopia. Just her description of their flight home caused such a combo of laughing and crying that I was afraid I was going to wet my pants. But no matter how tough things got in bringing them home and no matter how hard things may be now, she is grateful to be the one caring for them when they are sick and comforting them when they are inconsolable. She also has such wisdom on attachment with adopted children (in addition to the twins they have three bio. and two other adopted children)--certainly worth checking out if you are an adoptive parent.

Okay, I've shared some of my favorites and now I want you to share yours. Since I often hear my husband and kiddos ask "whatcha reading?" when I'm laughing/crying at my computer, I'm going to call this "Whatcha Reading Wednesday." (Although spell check is not at all happy with my wording.) Tell me "whatcha reading" in the comments or share about your own blog.

Happy Wednesday,


Kristin Ferguson said...

Hi Kathie,

I'm honored you chose our story for your "Whatcha Reading Wednesday" post. Your comments along the way have always encouraged and blessed me!! I always enjoy reading your blog so you're definitely on my "whatcha reading" list! I also am reading the book "Radical" by David Platt. Excellent book on reclaiming our faith from the American Dream. Very challenging and thought-provoking message!!!


Anonymous said...

quite touching~~~thx for sharing..................................................................