Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Okay. It seems every time I log onto my blog I feel like I've been robbed. It started with my playlist below. I added my favorite songs each week so anyone who stopped by could find some encouragement with the listed tunes.

Occasionally I'd see one disappear. I could handle one loss from the musical cookie jar at a time. But a few weeks ago I looked at my playlist and at least HALF my beloved songs were gone! I'm trying not to take it personally but the paranoid side of me wonders if the heads of major record labels got together, expressed concern that some crazy lady was listing their songs on her blog and calling them "dessert", and decided to put an end to it.

It hurt. Losing Leeland was bad enough, but to take Third Day . . . below the belt.

So today I pulled up my blog and realized my background had disappeared. To most bloggers this is no big deal. They change their backgrounds like they change their clothes. They adorn their blogs with cute little seasonal patterns and accessorize with bloggy buttons that blink like pocket-sized billboards.

Not me. I am loyal to the background that I painstakingly posted by my technologically challenged self. Just seeing "html code" makes me break into hives. If I want to cut and paste, I use safety scissors and a glue stick.

All this to explain why there is a new background. It's not that I'm adventurous, just that someone took my cyber clothes and I grabbed the first thing I could put on. I just hope my new outfit doesn't make my sidebar look too big. ;)

Technically Insane,


Angie said...

I'm sorry your songs and cyberclothes were taken from you! But I love your new background!

trustandobey said...

Hi Kathy,
I like your new duds! Very summery. I had to get a new background too but at least I saw it coming. Songs are disappearing off everyone's blogs because the artists/labels don't want them to be used this way (basically without being paid for) even though our systems allow us to download music freely. Some artists don't mind , however, and probably appreciate the free advertising.
ps-I hate cutting and pasting too. Never works for me:(

Kristin Ferguson said...

Your sidebar looks just fine! You're too funny! Got a good laugh out of this one. Have you ever considered taking your humor on the road like with the Women of Faith Tour? I'd buy a ticket for sure!


Anonymous said...

Hi new friend, I am now following you via MBC.