Saturday, July 24, 2010

We're Home!

We had a wonderful vacation with my side of the family. I have many photos from the trip but for now I'll just share this one.

After years of mentally Photoshopping Daniel into our family pics, I just LOVE any photo that has all four of my children. I keep hoping and praying that there will be one more sweet face in the family huddle next year.

We cut our trip short to come back on Thursday night to attend Brad's sister's wedding rehearsal and dinner. We don't do anything easy around here. We left the beach at 8:00 a.m. but got caught in construction traffic. We arrived home at 3:30 p.m. giving us 30 min. to change clothes and head across town for the rehearsal. I'm sure we looked like a bunch of circus clowns hopping out of the minivan with our pillows and suitcases and minutes later returning dressed up. Never a dull moment. This photo is from Thursday.

Then we attended her wedding last night. It was beautiful. I don't want to publish photos of others without their permission so I'll just share one more of my cute kiddos.

I have many thoughts and stories to share but I'll save them for another time because I can barely keep my eyes open. I hope you are enjoying each day with those you love!

More Than Lots,


Mom Of Many said...

Welcome home sweet friend!! The pictures are beautiful...and Daniel looks so perfect in them all...finally{!} no more photo shopping!! Yippee Jesus!!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Daniel just blends in as one of the family as I'm sure the next one will too! Exciting days ahead for you and your family, that's for sure.

Oh yes. You all clean up very well!!


Chandra said...

Love the new family photo! And the ones of the kids too, of course :)