Friday, July 9, 2010

One in 147 Million

I've spent a lot of time on the computer lately. But not on my blog (as evidenced by my pitiful frequency in posts.) Not on Facebook or e-mail or YouTube or eBay. I'm spending a lot of time on adoption listings of waiting children.

I've Googled medical conditions, researched US and international adoption programs and fees, and contacted agencies. All because my husband gave me the green light two weeks ago for us to proceed on another adoption. And you should have heard the burning rubber on my figurative tires as I stepped on the gas.

Thus far I have come to only one conclusion. There are too many children who need families. I don't think there's a social worker who will approve us for 147 million children*. (The sound you hear is my husband letting out a sigh of relief.) My heart has the capacity to love many more than my hands are capable of caring for. Thus I cry at my computer screen asking God to help us choose. To show us which child is waiting for us--the one God has planned for our family. And then I ask God to find homes for all the others.

I know that God doesn't necessarily call everyone to adopt, but He does command us all to care for orphans. There are many ways to obey this call--through sponsorship, through mission trips, through helping others fund their adoptions, through prayer. But I have to tell you, if you feel that call to adopt but ignore it because you're too busy, or don't have enough money, or, well, you can fill in the blank--you may be missing out on one of the biggest blessings in your life.

I'm not saying the road of adoption is easy. Our adoption of Daniel has been one of the hardest things we have experienced, but any sacrifices we have made to bring him home and parent a child who is trying to heal from such brokenness is so insignificant compared to the price paid for my adoption by my Heavenly Father.

And we have known joys that few will ever have the privilege of experiencing. Like seeing an 8 year old boy have his first Christmas with a family. To see a boy who has known profound hunger eat till he is full while laughing around a dinner table with people who love him. To celebrate his birthday and when he blows out the candle on his cake he says, "I have nothing left to wish for. I already have it all."

I've included the video below. I love the song "Orphans of God" by Avalon that plays in the background. There are many great adoption videos but I like this one because of the hope it shows at the end.

May God bless you in whatever way you are answering His call to care for orphans. And may we all feel conviction and urgency to do more.

Gratefully His,

*I've seen the number of orphans listed as anywhere from 143 million to 147 million. I guess it doesn't really matter what the number is when one orphan is one too many.


A family being transformed said...

Oh yes indeed, ONE IS TOO MANY!

P.S. I would be humbled if you posted a link to my recent post!

Angie said...

Yeah! I LOVE it when I hear that a family is starting the process to adopt another child. You're orphan is too many. Praying that God speaks clearly to you and your husband about whom He wants in your family next.

trustandobey said...

I am soooo thrilled for you and your family and for some little one out there that will one day be calling you Mommy!
Praying for your wisdom and discernment, Kathie!
ps-Will you send me your email?

Mamita J said...

WOOHOO Kathie!!! Congratulations on your new adventure!!! May god bless your process and bring you to the child that He has planned for you.


PS: We loved our agency. It is Nightlight Christian Adoptions (Formerly Carolina Hope Christian Adoption Agency out of Greenville, SC) They were awesome through a very difficult adoption.

Jill said...

Your words are so real in my heart, and I get so frustrated when people say and think they are excused by saying,"It is so great that you adopted. I am glad that there are people like you out there." I just have to walk away before my anger takes over because I can not say it enough that it is not about what we did, but about what Christ did, and I get so frustrated and have to go to God with my anger because they look at me with question mark faces and I just cry out to God "Why don't they get it. Please Lord open there eyes!" While I too agree we are not all called to adopt, we are all called to serve the least of these in one way, shape, or form. Thanks for encouraging me with this post. I hope in a year or two, I am able to get another green light from my husband as well. :)

Kim said...

I love this song too! Thanks for sharing the video. Our agency America World was a good fit for us. We have friends heading to Ukraine next week with AW! Excited for you!

Kristin Ferguson said...

I can't wait to see which of the 147,000,000 God sends to your family this time! How exciting for them and for you!

Daniel's birthday comment brought tears to my eyes. What a gift to be able to hear that come out of his mouth. So, so sweet!


Teri said...

Awesome video, thanks for sharing. I am still just so excited for your family and especially the one God had picked just for yall before the end of time. It is so exciting. I am so very burdened for orphans too and am PRAYING multiple times a day for a green light from Sam.

Thanks again for your inspiring post!