Monday, June 7, 2010

Traveling Mercies

Please don't pass out upon seeing two posts today. I know. It's as rare as a solar eclipse. Try not to stare directly into the computer screen or it might blind you.

As I was sharing about my sweet husband in my last post, I remembered a story of God's goodness that is great for Memorial Box Monday. This wonderful tradition was started by Linny at A Place Called Simplicity. Click the bloggy button below to read about her inspiration behind this idea and to link to other stories of God's faithfulness in their lives.

This story takes place August of 2008 in Guatemala. We were one year into our adoption of Daniel (that ended up taking two and a half years). We visited as often as we could so he would know we hadn't forgotten about him and to build our relationship with him. It was Brad's "turn" to visit. I remember waiting each night he was away for a phone call with the full report of what they had done that day. Sometimes I'd even get to hear Daniel's little voice on the phone saying, "Hola, Mama. Te amo mucho." (Hi, Mom, I love you so much.) I'm so grateful I can hear that precious voice all the time now.

But this particular night when Brad called, his voice was different. It surprised me because I knew he had planned to go with friends and the children they were adopting/sponsoring to a waterpark. I knew something was wrong. My mind went in all directions wondering if a child had drowned. Oh, dear God, what if it was Daniel. I could hear him choking up as he spoke. I patiently waited for the words to come, hoping this story ended happy.

Fortunately he opened with, "Kathie, God was with us today." With those words, I let out a sigh of relief.

He continued, "We had a wonderful day at the waterpark. Daniel and V. [one of the girls we sponsor] had such a precious time. It was the first time either had gone swimming. They loved the bathingsuits you sent. Anyway, the kids were worn out from our day of fun. Doug [one of our friends] was driving for our hour and a half trip back to the orphanage. I was sitting in the front next to him with Daniel asleep sitting in my lap."

Okay. Just a little side note that we would never normally let our children sit in the front seat on our laps. But when you find yourself in a van without seatbelts, trying to cram 10 people in for a day of fun, well, you find yourself doing some "when in Rome/Guatemala" kinds of things.

Brad went on, "Then out of nowhere, some people hiding in a ditch on the side of the road threw a rock, the size of a small watermelon, at our van. By God's grace it hit the bar that separates the windshield and door window on the passenger side. It shattered the windshield but miraculously the rock bounced off the bar and didn't break through. If it had, the speed and impact would have been enough to have killed me or Daniel."

We certainly rejoiced over God's protection that day. It was heartbreaking to imagine getting a phone call from Guatemala from one of our friends letting me know that Brad or Daniel had been killed. But I don't think we really understood exactly what God spared them from that day till a couple months later.

I was reading on a Guatemala adoption website a link posted from the U.S. Department of State with a travel advisory. They mentioned that stretch of highway that Brad and our friends had traveled on that day. They said that some people had been hiding in ditches, throwing things at cars. When the tourists stopped to survey damage or see what happened, these people would rob them and often even physically and sexually assault passengers.

When I read that I wept. I thought the thrown rock was just a silly prank. But not only had God spared Brad and Daniel from possibly fatal injury, He protected that entire van of two men, three women, and several little girls and boys from unthinkable violence. Praise God that the rock didn't come through the windshield and that our friend Doug had the wisdom to just keep driving instead of stopping to assess the damage.

I have put a small rock in our Memorial Box to remind us of God's protection that day. It also reminds me to pray fervently for my friends and family who are on mission trips or are traveling to complete adoptions.

Thank you, Mighty Father, for never ceasing to guide and protect us.

Gratefully His,


Jdaniels said...

What an amazing testimony of God's protection! I'm so glad that you were able to bring Daniel home safely!

natali said...

oh wow! GOD sure was looking out for them that day :))

Rachel said...

I got goosebumps! What a mighty God we serve!

Think about how very specific that throw had to have been just to hit the perfect place to protect your boys... I can just picture an angel of the Lord swatting that rock!

That gives a literal meaning to "traveling mercies"... and I'm so thankful for that testimony!

Mom Of Many said...

OH MY GRACIOUS!! Thank you Jesus for your protection...the angel of the Lord encamps round about those who fear Him and He RESCUES them....

Thank you so much for reminding us of His perfect protection! xo

Sherri said...

I can't help but think about a song that says It's more than enough just to know you are God and you are good. Aren't you glad He's good and He is on our side?! Thank God for His protection!

Mommy of little ones said...

Praise the Lord!

trustandobey said...

Wow, Kathie!
We will probably all be amazed when or if , in Heaven,God shows us the multiple multiple times He stepped in to protect us on this earth and we never knew it. Praise God for His constant presence and watchcare over us.

Stuff could always be worse said...

You have a great blog

Annesphamily said...

You have an incredible blog! Thank you for sharing your personal life. Some don't like it but I feel that I have opened myself up to people and I can not close them out now. I could use prayer, lots of prayer. I have had a terrible week suffering from Vertigo and I work in a very toxic environment. No one there knows the Lord and it is quite difficult full of hatefulness. On a bright note, what a wonderful family our Lord has given to you and your husband. Blessings all around. Anne