Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Dinner: Always There

Well, we packed a lot in this past weekend. Saturday morning we saw "Toy Story 3" (LOVED it), spent an afternoon with my side of the family at the lake on my dad's old pontoon boat, had a family picnic after church today, attended a fun wedding shower for my sister-in-law, and have some little friends over for a sleepover now. I'm thinking we milked this summer weekend for all it's worth.

Daniel is thrilled because his special buddy from Guatemala, adopted by friends of ours, is spending the night. The girls often have friends over and he has put up with fashion shows/nail-painting/karaoke singing, and is so happy that now it's his turn (but the evening involved sword fights and Star Wars battles). He made a menu of what he wanted me to prepare for the meals, did a fabulous job helping clean up, and thanked us all day for the treat of overnight fun with his friend. It's fun being his mom.

It's Sunday dinner time (the idea behind Sunday dinner is here) and the scripture for the week is:

"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you."
John 14:8

It's such a short and simple verse, but I think one of the most beautiful ones in the Bible. I remember when we were trying to get Daniel home, we visited as often as we could during that two and a half year ordeal. Each time I'd arrive in Guatemala and my driver would pull up to the front gate of the orphanage, my stomach would turn into knots wondering if Daniel would be happy to see me. Oh how I wished he could understand that we would never forget about him, never leave him to live his days as an orphan.

When I'd walk through the front gate, his buddies would start screaming, "Danilo, Danilo!!! It's your mama!" He would catch one glimpse of me and come running. And all would be right with the world with him in my arms.

Sometimes I feel that way with my Heavenly Father. Sometimes I allow the world's noise to reach such a volume that I can't hear His voice. I wander so far in my own will and own way, that I don't feel His presence. Sometimes I feel lost, like a child in a department store and there's not a familiar set of kneecaps in sight. But all it takes is for me to seek His face and call on His name, and I see that He was there all along.

The dessert of song is "Find You Waiting" by Decemberadio. I heard it the other day when we were driving back from the beach and thought it was beautiful.

This week, may you celebrate the love of your Father who is always with you.

More Than Lots,

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Mom Of Many said...

How appropriate for me today...hard was a "searching for His kneecaps" kind of day...thank you for sharing your are such a blessing...

And really love that you milked the week-end for all it was worth!! xo