Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday Dinner: Eighteen Years Ago Today

Okay. I do still own a calendar and I am aware that it is now Monday. But I have a really good excuse for not posting Sunday Dinner on an actual Sunday. It was our 18th wedding anniversary. One gift to hubby was spending minimal time on the computer this weekend.

I'm actually technically not late on wishing my husband a happy anniversary today. When we were doing our adoption paperwork, I requested a copy of our marriage license. They couldn't find us anywhere in the system for June 6, 1992. I started to get nervous. Fifteen years and three kiddos into this and we aren't legally married?!

Then they did a search by name only and found that our license stated our marriage date as June 7, 1992. I'm thinking the secretary at the church who filed our paperwork accidentally put the wrong date. So on our adoption paperwork, we have June 7 listed. I think it gives us permission to celebrate our anniversary for 48 hours.

So the scripture for the week is:

How can we thank God enough for you in return for all the joy we have in the presence of our God because of you?

I Thessalonians 3:9, NIV

Little did I know 18 years ago all God had in store for us. Our last anniversary we spent having dinner in a Pollo Campero in Guatemala. Nothing says "I love you" like fried chicken in a Third World country. We were there with our whole crew trying to make some sweet summer memories with Daniel. Even though it wasn't what most would view as a romantic way to celebrate, it was so fitting for our life. (And if you want to feel close to your husband, spend some time in a foreign country where he's the only adult around who speaks your language.)

We've experienced laughter and tears, grief and joy, blessing and loss. And there's truly no one I'd rather go on this crazy journey with than him. And just like the verse above, I can't thank God enough for the joy Brad has brought to my life as my husband and the father of our children.

The dessert of song was a hard one. Many of my first choices aren't offered on But I do like this one by Brandon Heath called, "Let's Make It Last." I'm guessing he wrote this sweet song for his wife. The relationship he describes reminds me of mine and Brad's.

Happy (two-day) anniversary, Brad! I can't wait to see what God has planned for the next 18.

So Grateful,

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