Sunday, October 25, 2009

Please Pass the Laptop

It has probably been 30 years since I’ve had a "Sunday dinner", but I can still smell the buttered rolls and hear the clinking of ice cubes filling the glasses. For many of my childhood Sundays, the doxology at our Baptist church was followed by a grand buffet at my grandparents’ home. (The dishes in the above pic are actually the ones we always ate off of.) Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

When they passed away, so did this sweet tradition. I had always planned to revive it when I got married, but unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to get my family to church on time AND prepare a four course meal ready to be served as we arrive home.

So instead, I’m going to be serving “Sunday dinner” each week on my blog. The main course will be a Scripture to meditate on and the dessert will be a sweet song that complements it. Some of the meals will be familiar comfort foods and some Sundays I’ll try a new recipe--but my prayer is that it would nourish you for the coming week. (Cause chances are I’ll be serving PB & J sandwiches Monday through Saturday.)

The “appetizer” served with yesterday’s post is called “The Valley Song” by Jars of Clay. The lyrics are so perfect for my blog--“I will sing of your mercy that leads me through valleys of sorrow to rivers of joy.” There are many beautiful 23rd Psalm inspired songs, but I love the way this one doesn’t sound sad but surrendered. (And about 3/4ths of the way through there’s a long pause like the singer just needs a minute to ponder this truth and proceeds with “Yea.” Love it!)

The first Scripture served is (surprise, surprise):

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.
Psalm 23:1

David from the get go paints the portrait of our Great God as the Sovereign Shepherd. (Now keep in mind the views expressed here are from a sleep-deprived mom who owns a Bible--not some wise biblical scholar with formal theological training.) The next words, “I shall not want” establish that if you remember only ONE thing about our Shepherd is that we will never lack for anything we need. Kind of like verses 2 through 6 should end with “see verse 1.” David is giving thanks from the very beginning for God’s love and provision.

Remember that the first occupation David had listed on his resume was shepherd. He understood the job description as giving guidance, protection and provision to his sheep. And as God’s sheep we need to trust that He will guide, protect, and provide according to His way and in His time. (Ouch, it’s that last part that gets this impatient mama sheep every time.)

And so here I am, setting the table for my blog, wanting to give thanks for God’s love and provision . . . no matter what, I’m going to “see verse 1” in every situation.

Okay, for dessert (now I’m getting hungry here, sorry folks), this week’s song is “Gratitude” by Nichole Nordeman. (I first heard this at Ava’s ballet recital--this song illustrated through dance was truly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.) I love how these lyrics not only give thanks for God’s provision, but express gratitude regardless of how God provides. I’ve attached a video someone made for the song (you will need to pause the playlist at the bottom of the blog to not hear both at the same time). I hope it speaks to you as it does to me.

Last, my favorite memory of Sunday dinner was sitting around the table with hands woven together saying grace. My dear paternal grandfather would often get very emotional, tears would fall as he would give thanks, his trembling hands covered in age spots would squeeze my little hand at the “Amen.” So since you’ve graciously joined us for dinner, please join hands (via computer keyboard) and say grace with me. Happy Lord’s Day!

Gratefully His,

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Cathy said...

Kathie, You make me want to cry...literally bawl! I am so touched by your Sunday Dinner idea. How beautiful are the feet of those that bring the gospel to the world!!! I just know the LORD is so pleased with you and your life in Christ!