Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Olivia!

We have officially entered the teen years. (Although we've had some sneak peek moments already.) Our first baby girl turned 13 today. As she has grown, so has my love for her.

Olivia was our first Goodness and Mercy baby after three miscarriages. She was the beginning of our family and gave us the longed-for titles Mom and Dad. She has been our parenting guinea pig and reluctant pioneer. She has journeyed with us through sorrow and joy and with the loss and additions of siblings. She got parents who were young and inexperienced and patiently trusted us as we made decisions that would shape her life.

She has become a beautiful young lady with a heart that seeks to glorify God. She has become someone who chooses her friends wisely and treats them with loyalty. She has become a person who is conscientious and caring, kind and respectful. Although she is quiet in big groups, she is a nut around those who know her well. Although she never wanted the privilege of being the oldest (she's not a typical first child), she has become a big sister worthy of that role.

Happy birthday, Olivia!

Our sweet singing,

Brother adoring (and tolerating),

Sister loving,

Beautifully blooming,

Young lady who I am proud to call daughter.

Grateful Mama,


Kristin Ferguson said...

What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful daughter. My son turned 10 today but he sure didn't get this wonderful tribute. I'll make sure he doesn't read your blog. :)

Just popped over from my friend Lisa's blog (trust and obey).

You have a wonderful family!

trustandobey said...

Hi Kathie,
We entered the teenage realm this month one year ago. Our eldest, Hunter, will be 14 on the 30th. It is an interesting phase of life:) I hope our daughters will live it to the fullest and always strive to glorify God. Wonderful tribute....
ps-loved your snake post. My husband thinks it was a black racer.Non-poisoness anyway:)Looks like you have 2 brave nights to protect you if the snake should return.

Kim said...

What a beautiful teen daughter you have! Our son is nearing 14 and it has been a wild ride this past year. But when I do catch glimpses of Christ in his life or hear him set his friends straight and tell them to act right it makes this Mom's heart so proud. They are only with us for such a short season but thank goodness we can trust our Lord to love & protect them too. You are a blessed Mom!

Jenny said...

Aww Happy Birthday to your Olivia!! And congratulations to you, since it's your anniversary of being a mom!! :) Hope you all had a wonderful day!!

Teri said...

So sweet! I loved reading about her =) She is gorgeous and sounds like an amazing girl,you have much to be proud of.

TanyaLea said...

What a beautiful birthday tribute to your lovely daughter, Olivia! She sounds like a gem! This post will be something she will treasure her whole life through. She is such a beautiful youg lady, and clearly she is being 'trained up in the way she should go' by some wonderful parents! You are blessed and have every reason to be a proud mama!!

Happy 13th Birthday Olivia! May the year ahead be abundant in God's blessings as you continue to blossom into the young woman He has created you to be! <><