Friday, March 26, 2010

Dipped in Goodness: Lessons from the Easter Egg

Sorry I haven't had much time to write lately. I've got a project I'm working on and four little people (and one husband) who need much of my time, so I'm sneaking in my bloggy time here and there.

I don't mean to hit you with another "Lessons from the . . . ", but I've had a burden on my heart about something and just need to jot these feelings down. These thoughts may be controversial to some--I am not judging anyone or telling others what to do. These are just convictions for my own life and family. Here goes.

It's this time of year that we like to dye Easter eggs. As you know, they start out pure white, but are so porous that they absorb whatever color they are placed in. And dipped in the right colors, they are beautiful. On occasion my kids have dipped that poor egg in every color. And it looks like elephant droppings. And then they let it soak in one color with the hope that they can salvage it, but usually it is too late to make look better.

The eggs that turn out the best are the ones where they just choose one or two colors and let it sit in the rich dye until it is as vibrant as a jewel. I love hearing the "ooohs" and "ahhs" when the kids pull the finished product out and behold it's beauty.

Our egg dying makes me think of how this mirrors our daily life. You see, we all start out as these pure white eggs. Many of us are fortunate to be placed in families that dip us in beautiful colors of love, faith, and encouragement. And not just dipped, we soak in it.

But what happens when a child is dipped into too many different colors. What happens when we are dipped in the beauty of love and encouragement, then next into anger and selfishness. First into things that are "good, pure, and lovely" then next into discouragement and lies of this world. What happens when children are given too much freedom in dipping their own eggs? Allowed too much liberty in choosing their music, what TV/movies/books/video games they view, how they spend their time.

What happens when we as parents dip ourselves in colors that aren't consistent with the colors we are wanting our children to be? When we bring words and actions, entertainment and influences into our home, thinking it is appropriate for us, yet forgetting how directly our dye drips onto them.

I guess these thoughts are at the forefront of my mind these days as I realize how many times Daniel has been dipped into colors I would never have chosen for my sweet son. How many times do I have to tell him he's loved and special to undo that he's been dipped in words and abuse that have told him he is worthless? How many times will I have to dip him in scripture and prayer to undo the years of seeing and experiencing evil? I'm coming to the realization that I can't undo what has been done. His sweet egg is cracked and the dye has seeped through to his spirit. Only the Creator of the eggs can correct man's mistakes. Only He can heal the broken. Only He can restore Daniel. But as a parent, it is heartbreaking and humbling that I am not enough, our love is not enough. Praise God that He is always enough.

I know I'm probably preaching to the choir. You all are most likely the people who carefully dip their families in goodness. But even so, I would like to encourage you all to guard your hearts and your children's hearts. It is much easier to keep them from being dipped in the wrong things than it is to undo what has stained them.

And it is the Christian family that is the most at risk. I often think we've got the door locked and the security system armed, only to realize that I've left windows wide open or invited the enemy in. Be vigilant. Sit down as a family as often as possible to pray and read the Bible together. Pray in the car and throughout your daily activities. Make a conscious effort to build each other up because every thing else is working overtime to tear them down. Question EVERYTHING that comes into your home. It's not always a choice between good and bad. Sometimes it's a choice between fine and best. Don't let your family waste it's time on things that don't edify-things that don't soak them in goodness. Sitting in clear vinegar may not harm them, but it will dilute their color. They will need that layer of rich color at times they aren't with you and you can't help them make wise choices. They will need it when the pollution of living in a fallen world rains down on their lives.

Forgive me if I've sounded preachy. This is actually my personal "grocery list." These are things I need to remember every minute of my day. To remember to ask God to protect my marriage, my children, my family, my church, and my country. Then surrender it all on the altar before the Lord and know that He is Almighty, He is Sovereign, and He is Good.

And today I'm grateful to see Daniel's chaos of color slowly change to pure beauty and his broken places heal. It's not my efforts doing it . . . but God's grace. If you listen closely you'll hear the "ooohhhs" and "aaahhs" from this grateful mom as the masterpiece of our son is revealed.

From One Cracked Egg,


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Dena E's Blog said...

Hey New Girlfriend,,so HAPPY you stopped by my blog and left such neat notes,,,hugs for that and in reading your post,,you just hit home very well, thanks for sharing and keep it up..In other words,,,You Go Girl!!!
And Praise God all the way !!!
(((HUGS))) Dena you notes made me SMILE :0)

Lisa @ Simplified Saving said...

As an adoptive mom, I regularly wish that my girls had not been exposed to all of the junk they were exposed to before we adopted them! What a great reminder to constantly bathe our children in prayer and Scripture!

Love your blog!