Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ava!

Have you ever gotten a gift that was so much better than anything you had ever asked for or could ever imagine? God has given me many of those gifts and one of them is 10 years old today.
(This pic was taken at school today. This post will be a quicky because we're on our way to take her out for a birthday dinner.)

Ava has one of the sweetest spirits and tender hearts of any person (child or adult) I've ever known. She is the daffodil in the garden that is our family. She's the one who leaves love notes on everyone's pillows and is the originator of all the nicknames of our family members. She loves every living creature--fuzzy or slithery--and has such empathy for others well beyond her years. She is sweet sunshine and am so grateful that she's my daughter.

When she was seven, she said to me, "Mom, out of all the mommies in the world, I'm so glad God gave you to me." And out of all the families God could have placed her in, I'm so grateful God chose ours.

Happy birthday to our ballet-dancing,



gift from God.

We love you!

Mom, Dad, Olivia, Daniel, Brady, Snuffles and Doodle


Karen said...

daughters are truly blessings to Mom's, I just thank the Lord that He made us male and female and how we balance each other out, but daughters are just...like you said, Flowers.....

Jessica said...

So beautiful

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

We are blessed!

Veronica Lee said...

Happy Birthday to Ava. She's beautiful.

Show Me Mama said...

She adorable :) dropping by from MBC my blog is

CRAZYMOM said...

Lovely. Happy tenth, Ava!