Sunday, November 29, 2009

Update from Guatemala

Sorry I have not been able to update since Friday. I arrived safely in Guatemala and spent the weekend in Antigua. Unfortunately I had only about 5 minutes of internet service while I was there. We have moved to Guatemala City for the week. It's about a 2 minute walk to the U.S. Embassy. Although it's an older hotel, I love that we will be able so close to any appointments we have coming up. (I'm hoping they'll be so sick of seeing us, they'll move our case along quickly.)

Never have I been so happy to have 5 bars of internet service. I will not complain that to get it I have to stand at my hotel window, with a metal clip in my hair, balancing on one foot. It's amazing how creative you can become in a foreign country. If necessity is the mother of invention, then desperation is the mother of completing an impossible adoption.

We did get some bad news on Friday. Our adoption attorney let me know that there was another error with our certifications and it will take a week to fix it and resubmit. As I got the news I tried to fight back tears so Daniel and his buddy that I'm also caring for could not see my disappointment. This is so frustrating because each delay means we may not make it home in time for Christmas. We lost one week because the guy doing the certifications was sick, a second week to fix errors, and now a third week to fix another error. (Each time there is a 3 day wait period that adds to the delay.)

I'm already so homesick. I talk to my kids and hubby on the phone and my heart just aches to see them. But right now I have Daniel snuggled up next to me coloring in his coloring book. Oh, my, how I love every crooked tooth in his smile, every long eyelash on each lid, every little crease in his hands. He is a Masterpiece and I'm just in awe that he is really my son. Now if we can just get him home, I promise, dear God, that I will never ask for another thing again! (Okay, that's a promise He knows I can not keep.)

We're going to see if we can find a place to eat dinner and I'll try to write more tonight. Thanks for all your continued prayers and support. I cherish each and every one of you.

Grateful in Guatemala,


ANDREA said...

I am so sorry for the bad news!!! Im sitting here reading this and with your music in the background and reading about the perfect masterpiece in your life...I am crying. He will be home soon!!! I love you and am praying for you!!

Teri said...

I am praying right now, I got a little teary picturing him all snuggled up next to you coloring. I know he is just bursting with joy to have you there with him. We will pray for speedy turnaround and all obstacles to be removed. You are SO CLOSE!!! Can't wait to see your arrival pics with his big ol' smile as he steps off that plane.

Mom Of Many said...

Sweet friend,
I am so sorry for more delays. Not surprised - the enemy HATES what you are doing!! I am praying earnestly. I am praying for you, Daniel, your safety....speed, no more hiccups....remember Luke 18 and the widow and the unrighteous judge? Yes, God's justice will reign!! I love you and am praying continually!!! xo