Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's a Blog!

Yep. This is the official birth announcement of my blog.

I resisted starting one for many reasons. First, I’m technologically challenged--my calls to computer customer service numbers have been known to cause the rep to laugh, cry, or resign. (I’m not joking.) Second, I have a dozen journals that begin on January 1 and stop on January 6, so I have this fear of starting something I can’t keep up with. (I hate to advertise my lack of discipline publicly and really don’t need something else to feel guilty about.) Third, it seems everyone and their pet has a blog so who am I to think I’d have anything new to share.

But the reasons to write one are starting to outweigh the reasons not to. Primarily, we’re in the last trimester of our “paper pregnancy” (adoption) and I’m just realizing that I’m about to deliver a nine year old without an epidural. We could really use the prayer support right now and this is the easiest way to keep friends updated on what’s going on. And I’ve met so many through online blogs who have offered such support, advice, and encouragement. If I only “introduce” readers to friends and resources related to faith, adoption, grief, parenting . . . then it is worth the effort.

Last, God has been so faithful through valleys much deeper and darker than the one we are walking right now. Although my blog probably won’t look fancy (see above regarding computer skills) and I may go days without a new post (see pile of blank journals), I want to document every answered prayer, every mountain moved, and every miracle celebrated as a testimony of His goodness and mercy. Thanks for going on this journey with us.

Gratefully His,

P.S. The photo above was taken when we were living in Guatemala this past June. We had our precious cargo in the back seat of a rental car (without seat belts or air conditioning) on bumpy roads trying to find a house we had rented in Antigua. Brad and I were trying to look calm in spite of the fact that we were lost in a foreign country and the sun was going down quickly. But the kiddos in the back were having a great time--completely trusting that the people in the front seat would take care of them. A great metaphor for life--if we just surrender to the One driving, we should never be afraid when the road gets bumpy, the surroundings are foreign, or we are traveling through darkness.

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Fettes Family said...

Kathie, I'm so glad you started a blog! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom. Praying faithfully for you and your sweet boy! Jenny