Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Dinner: Always the Same

Retailers during the holiday season crack me up. First, they announce the "Biggest Sale of the Season" is before Thanksgiving. Then, they retract that statement with the can't miss After Thanksgiving Sales and Doorbusters. As the season progresses, they again try to convince us that, hold on, stop everything, forget all those other dinky sales because they have yet again slashed prices and NOW is the time to shop.

The actual items for sale can be equally frustrating, especially for the consumer who must have the latest and best. Several years ago, the popular handheld toy was the Gameboy. It was soon replaced by a better Gameboy, which was replaced by the DS, then soon outdone by the DSi, and now the big deal is the DSi XL. I'm so glad we don't have one of these on our Christmas shopping list because I know by next spring there will be another electronic carrot dangling that's even better.

This is the time of year that I just want everything to be the same. The same traditions, the same Christmas carols, the same family and friends to share the holiday with. But we live in a world that's always changing. Loved ones pass away and move away. Kids grow a bit more each year. Sometimes I just ache to have one more Christmas with my mom and grandparents and Brad's grandparents. I want to freeze this time with my children so they will never grow up. All I can do is savor every single minute of right now.

This Christmas I'm especially grateful for the one gift that is always perfect and always the same. A gift that never needs to be exchanged, will never be outgrown, can not become outdated, and will never be outdone. The gift of Jesus Christ.

This week's Sunday Dinner verse is simply:

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever."

Hebrews 13:8
There's such comfort, such peace, such freedom knowing He is never-changing and never-failing.
Much Love,


trustandobey said...

Me too:)
Praise God for THAT gift!

Kristin Ferguson said...

As always you draw such wonderful analogies from real life to scripture. You should write a daily or weekly blog devotional that we could all link to!

I see that great minds think alike on our blog backgrounds for Christmas. However, (even before seeing yours), I've decided to change mine because it takes forever to load! Frustrating.

Also, you are quite WELL-PRESERVED yourself my dear and don't look a day over 30 as I'm sure your husband tells you all the time..if not, he should! :)

The Tam Family said...

Jesus was more of a tomb buster than a doorbuster... I'll take the tomb buster any day!

Love wins,
Renee Tam