Thursday, May 13, 2010


I can't find my Supermom cape anywhere. You know, the one they give you when you become a mom.

I'm sure it's under a pile of laundry or was used as a drop cloth for a quick painting project. I don't think I've worn it in years. To be honest, I feel ridiculous walking around with a big "S" on my back when most days I feel like I'm barely getting by.

(Here's a photo taken spring break at Six Flags of my kiddos and their superhero capes.)

I became keenly aware early in my parenting that I was issued the regular style while everyone else got the deluxe. I remember one of my daughters coming home from Kindergarten announcing she was the "snack cowgirl" and needed to bring something yummy for the class the next day.

"How about grapes and cheese cubes?" I suggested.

"Hmmm. James' mom sent muffins and everyone loved them," she countered.

"Okay, I can pick up some muffins" I offered.

"No, Mom, these were HOMEMADE muffins," she informed.

Remembering I had a friend named Betty Crocker, I replied, "Yes, I can send HOMEMADE muffins, too."

My delighted daughter added, "Oh wonderful! And don't forget the cream cheese icing that James' mom put on the top. And she squirt it for each student in the shape of their initial."

Okay, I'm out. We sent in grapes and cheese.

Yep. Just like the superheros of the comics have their superhuman specialties of spinning webs and turning things to ice, the supermommies I encounter have super strengths. These hand-smocking, birthday-party throwing, bread-baking, home- organizing, coupon-clipping, interior-decorating moms can make me feel like I will never even attain sidekick status.

But the past few years have changed me and changed what inspires me. There's a new group of supermoms that humble me. They are serving on the mission field--leaving their world of comfort and convenience to care for those who are physically and spiritually starving. They are adopting children--doing so out of great sacrifice of time and money. Forfeiting easy for days that are hard--parenting children with major medical, developmental, and emotional needs. They are starting businesses to raise funds to care for orphans. They are writing and speaking out for those who have no voice. They are raising families that glorify God in a world that is all about glorifying self. I know many of these moms personally and have met many through their blogs. I hope to introduce you to some in the coming months.

I'm not the only one influenced by superheroes. My kids are watching, learning from, and imitating those they admire. It starts young with princesses and caped crusaders, but quickly changes to entertainers and athletes. I think it's fine for them to have people they look up to, but critical that admiration doesn't turn into idolatry. Because these people are human, even those who are Christians (or claim to be) are sinners in need of a Savior, living in a fallen world. We should never put people on a pedestal that should only be occupied by One.

A few years ago, my girls and I loved to watch "John and Kate Plus Eight." I guess in a way they were "heroes." A sweet family that valued life and seemed to be doing so much right. What has happened to them is so sad, especially for those children. It was difficult to address the questions as my girls saw tabloid headlines at the grocery check-out. Their family was a sobering reminder that we need to guard our marriages and families with diligence. But it also made us careful about what "superheroes" we invite into our home. Too many "wholesome" pop stars have gone from singing about butterflies to posing provocatively for magazine covers and being arrested for DUIs.

Sometimes it's not about choosing between good and bad, but good and best. I remember a line in the movie "Superman" where he catches Lois Lane falling from a skyscraper. She says, "You've got me, but who's got you?!" I guess that's what it comes down to. Who is the source of that person's strength? If it doesn't match the source of your strength, that's not a "hero" you want in your home.

We try to read books as a family about missionaries, people of faith who have made a difference, families who are currently serving in their daily lives and on the mission field. We need to find "heroes" that not only encourage us, but challenge us. If you have a favorite book, movie, or person that has inspired you or your family, I'd love for you to mention it in the comments.

And for all those supermoms out there making a difference for eternity . . . thank you. You not only humble me, but inspire me. I look at your faithfulness and it makes think, "Now that's even better than homemade muffins with cream cheese icing."

More Than Lots,


Kat said...

My super hero cape is GREAT for inspire many girl!

We've watched so many fall away because their sites were on human beings, instead of God. When the human crashed and burned...their faith did too.

This is a wonderful post and SO very true. We choose our hero's carefully and wisely and remember the God is the only and best super hero and the only one that is infallible :).

Awesome post!

Kim said...

All I wanted to say is AMEN! So glad we have the best role model in Christ Jesus. He will give us wisdom from His word to best steer our children away from worldly idols and towards Him. It is such a struggle in this fallen world though isn't it. But He is faithful!

trustandobey said...

This is a great post, Kathie. I agree that it is a hard time in history for our children to find role models. We just keep pointing them to Jesus, the only ONE worth following and the only ONE that won't let them down. I totally agree with you, my human heros are these moms and dads that give up comfort to save the lives of "the least of these". They find the lost and bring them home. They forego high living to allow one more child the chance at life. I could sit and talk and talk and talk with them and never grow tired of hearing how faithful God has been to them in their in lives and adoption journies. Oh, and one more thing, they would never consider themselves heroes, but readily, without hesitation, give all the glory to God.

Teri said...

I loved your post as awlays Kathie, thank you! Your posts just bless me in more ways then I can say, just love reading them. This may be a strange answer to your question about heros, but we have someone who has inspired us and changed us.It is nobody famous and you won't read about her anywhere, well except for my blog, ha ha.
It is our sponsor child, Cristina from Casa. She has such a terrible story before coming to Casa and struggled her first few years there but once she accepted Christ she completely changed her life and is a STRONG woman of faith. She has overcome trial after trial and faced MUCH mockery and is sometimes isolated b/c of her faith. She wants to be a missionary one day and has not lost sight of her goal. She goes out of her way to minister to others and I have seen her grow from this timid girl with no self esteem or dreams to a strong and I mean STRONG woman of faith who ministers and encourages ME!She pushes herself to be more than she thinks she can be and has developed amazing leadership qualities and encourages other teen girls there to stop caring about what others think and trust God with their lives. She is truly a hero in every sense of the word and both her story and the way she lives her live encourages me & our family daily.

I have written a lot about her on my blog but here are a couple I could find easily if you want to learn more about her, but you may already know her??

and here...

Teri said...

Our hero is not someone you would read about in any books, just on my blog. =) I can send you some links if you want to know more about her. Ours is our sponsor child, Cristina from Casa. You may know her? Anyway, she is just a hero in every sense of the word. She has a terrible story before coming to Casa as most there do, and once there she had a rough first few years. She struggled with a lot of things but she eventually accepted Christ and changed her life and has grown into this beautiful and STRONG woman of faith. She has been ostraticized and made fun of so very much for her stance she takes and regardless she stays strong. She has a heart for others and ministers to her friends and others at Casa. She is not perfect as none of us are but Jesus is her strength and her refuge and He is changing lives there at Casa b/c she allows Him to be her King. She is a strong prayer warrior for us and really inspires and encourages us and keeps us strong in our faith. Her example and the way she lives her life honestly leaves me speechless. I am in awe of the changed person she is and I KNOW she will reach her goal of being a missionary who expands the Kingdom for Christ oneday b/c she is already doing it at Casa. Seriously.. I should stop b/c I could go on and on. It wouldn't let me post links to my blog about her, sorry. I love that girl with all of my being and she is truly a hero. =)