Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tips on Tuesday

I know. It's shocking. I'm posting two days in a row AND before midnight.

I've got enough of you dear people who stop by on a regular basis to start doing some fun things. Often the best part of my blog has been your fabulous comments. I'm hoping you'll continue to share.

On Tuesdays I'm going to post a topic and I want you to share your ideas and advice. This is how it will work. I'll suggest a topic and you'll have till the following Monday to e-mail your ideas at kdwilliams12@comcast.net . I'll compile your answers and post them the following Tuesday. Include your first name, the state you are from (if you are a reader who is not in the US, include your country), and if you have a blog/website feel free to include that as well.

Okay, here's the first topic. I want tips on your fun family ideas. Something unique that you do to make memories. Here's an example. I read this idea in "Family Fun" magazine years ago and it's one of the favorite things my kids like to do. We call them "pajama rides."

Here's how it works. We ask the kids to get ready for bed. When they've finished putting on their pjs and brushing their teeth, Brad and I will say, "Well guys, you know what time it is." They think we're going to say bedtime, but then we squeal "pajama ride!!!" Then everyone hops in the family vehicle to go on a quick adventure. The outing is dependent on what you have nearby and what time of year it is. When it's Christmastime, we drive around and look at lights. When it's around the 4th of July or New Year's, we hunt down fireworks when we hear them nearby (often folks either try them out before the holiday or use up the remaining fireworks in the days following the holiday). We have a Krispy Kreme and a Steak & Shake near us, so sometimes we'll get a sweet treat. A few times after we've returned home (during the warmer months), we'll eat our yummy on a blanket in our yard under the stars. Anyway, it's always fun because it wasn't expected and is an inexpensive and easy way to do something fun as a family.

So this week, e-mail your tips to kdwilliams12@comcast.net and I'll post your ideas for family fun on Tuesday, January 26. I can't wait to hear your ideas and try them out!

On another note, I know the situation in Haiti weighs heavy on your hearts, as it does on mine. I just read an encouraging update on a great adoption website www.RainbowKids.com . The article "Haitian Orphans Land in US" was posted this afternoon. They will continue to update on the needs of orphaned children in Haiti.

God Bless,



Great idea, sometimes we have pj day

Adventure Mom Janna said...

Oh that sounds fun! As long as you don't have a flat tire:)

I'll look forward to reading Tues. Tips.

Family should be the first people you are able to have fun with.

Paloma said...

You are such a great woman! I read the "about you" and it is amazing to see someone with so much love! Praise the Lord! and may He continue to give you his love and strength to do everything you do! I will start following your blog! :) Hugs!

sierrasmom said...

Love your "pajama ride idea". A good pillow fight is always fun too. Where we live we have snow so I save dish detergent bottles. When we get a lot of snow with big piles I fill the detergent botles with different colored water, using food coloring. The kids take them outside and decorate the big piles of snow. The love it!!!