Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday's Visit to a Place of Denial

Well, it's Monday. And you know what that means. Complete denial. (This is a fun thing started by MckMama at where we admit things we certainly would never do. Click the bloggy button below to read other mom's "Not Me" contributions.)

I did NOT wake up this morning to mumble expletives that the dryer took the wonder out of my Wonder Bra.

I did NOT find an oozing puddle of milk on my sofa confirming that there's no such thing as a spillproof sippy cup.

I did NOT find my five year old son webbing his face like Spiderman with a Sharpie.

I did NOT get off the phone with the pediatrician's office after a lengthy phone call on how to collect my nine year old son's stool sample.

I did NOT look at the clothing in my closet and worry that Stacy and Clinton from "What Not to Wear" might stop by.

I did NOT use the last dryer sheet and realize that I did 80 loads of laundry in the months of December and January.

I did NOT watch our cat sleep next the heating vent without a care in the world and wish I could be her for a day.

I did NOT make my husband swallow his spoon at breakfast by uttering the words "for our next adoption. . . ."

I did NOT get impaled in my ear with a light saber and calmly interject the following to a young Jedi, "If you do that again, the force will be with your behind."

I did NOT get asked by my 7th grade daughter for ideas for her science fair project and think "check the fridge."

But I DID snuggle up with my kiddos and our newest treasure of books from the library and think "I'm the luckiest mom on earth."

Don't forget that our first "Tips on Tuesday" is tomorrow. I'm compiling everyone's ideas for family fun. (For more information, check out last week's post.) E-mail your ideas to

Happy Monday,


Anonymous said...

Such wonderful sayings...I love the idea of Not Me Mondays. You have a very nice blog...and I am so glad to meet another Sister in Christ!

Karen said...

this was the funniest blog I read today, although I'm sure you're not thinking these mishaps were so funny. ((hugs)) kare

Mom Of Many said...

Sweet friend,
Love your list!! And there has been more than one time when I have wished that I could trade places with Nelly (our dog)...ahhhh, what a life!

Elijah has been up (literally) almost all night for 2 nights in a row...and with this I am heading to bed myself...


Genny said...

Snuggling with kiddos and the latest treasures from the library... sounds the best!

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