Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, there's about an hour left of Thanksgiving day and the rest of the world has moved full-speed ahead toward Christmas. And then there's me.

Yes, I've got big plans to do some shopping and decorating tomorrow like everyone else, but tonight I just want to hold on to Thanksgiving a bit longer. Today was such a sweet time with our extended families that I want to wrap up every memory and dine on the leftovers for the next few weeks.

Today I'm grateful for my precious family (most of these photos are from a visit a few weeks ago to a pumpkin patch, a couple are from today) . . .

For my amazing husband . . .

For my sweet boys . . .

And my sweet girls . . .

Especially the one celebrating her first Thanksgiving today.

Thank you, God, for all five pumpkins in my pumpkin patch. I'm so very grateful for your faithfulness in my life!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Williams family!

Much Love,


sierrasmom said...

Oh Kathie ...what wonderful pictures of your beautiful family!! From our home to yours...Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Christine said...

Kathy, I love th beautiful photos of your family. Your littlest sweetheart is such a cutie!

Tracy said...

You words are always such a blessing to me. I'm thankful for you and your sweet family! :0) Great pictures, too!

trustandobey said...

What terrific photos of the family!
I know you have so much to be thankful for this year.
Good to hear from you.