Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cute Shirts/Great Cause


Okay, a daughter with a 7th grade science fair project kind of derailed my plans to post a "love" story today, but I do have a minute to let you know about this great new tee from the gals at Wild Olive Tees to benefit the people of Haiti. You can get a peek of the new Hope tee here and read the details of a giveaway they are doing to get the word out.

Can you tell I love Wild Olive tees? (Half my side bar has their bloggy buttons.)In a world full of t-shirts with obnoxious slogans, I loved finding a site featuring shirts with scripture (and they are really beautifully designed)! Click the button above or on my sidebar to visit their website and see the great shirts they have for women and children.

The Hope tee goes on sale on the 13th and all proceeds will benefit the people of Haiti. My heart is heavy reading about this next wave of devastation from sickness and starvation. Prayer and support are needed more than ever for this country in crisis. Anyway, just thought I'd share about this cute shirt for a great cause.

Happy Wednesday,

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